Figma company totally not ready for invoicing

This is ridiculous… they are totally not ready for invoicing.
You need to have company name as team name so that it’s stated on the invoice.

In Poland e.g. the company name has to be there on the invoice.

Imagine having 5 teams and each of them has to have the same name.
Oh, you can change the name a day before creating an invoice but this is ridiculous!

You are totally not ready for invoicing! PATHETIC.

And in Poland the tax department is really strict as they are fighting VAT fraud.

Figma says they can’t alter old invoices in any way. OMFG

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I totally agree!
I have similar issue, during payment process I wasn’t able to add VAT number. So adding VAT number in the profile (outside buying prcess) resulting invoices that can’t treatet as cost in Poland.
I sent 3 mails to the support and silence… Support doesn’t exist.

The tool is great but buying process and support is terrible!

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They blocked me on twitter and now they just send me to the forums - when I reply to their changing ALL invoices in a row, before september - into those with VAT 0% and it’s just the three last that can have that! OMG