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Figma Community Library not updating

Hello! I maintain a super tiny community library and I needed to publish some updates. I found it incredibly odd that I needed to actually make some changes to the components or styles in order to be able to just change the thumbnail / some of the text that is inside the library. But luckily I did find some things that I forgot to initially add as a shared style.

So I updated it, but even after 30 minutes, the updates have not reached figma community. When I open it, it still shows the old version and says “last updated 4 months ago”.

What can I do to make sure that my updates get published? How can I force publish an update even if none of the components / shared styles have changed, but the contents have?

You probably just updated the library. To update a community file, you need to open the file, click “Share”, switch to the “Publish to Community” tab, and click the “Publish update” button.
More details:

Thank you. Never in a million years would I have found this on my own.

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