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Figma Certification for Students & Educators

On the side, I’m an advisor for the arts, media, and communications board for my county’s public school system. We meet a couple times a year to discuss what’s happening in the industry so they can adjust their high school student’s curriculum to match.

Since the beginning, I’ve noticed how far behind these curriculums are as they’re still being focused on print and anything product-related is minimal/done with inefficient technology (e.g. piecing together websites in Wix with Canvas after designing in Illustrator). After being in this for a couple years, I finally realized a lot of it’s because they rely heavily on certifications that students can earn to show colleges and intern employers they know their stuff. Adobe has this down pat, which is why it’s heavily taught, even though it’s expensive for the schools.

With Figma being free to education, it would make a lot of sense to build a certification program around the tool. It would allow students to be introduced to the software early and it would be much easier to incorporate into educational programs. Especially as the professional industry continues to adopt Figma more, employers could be incentivized to look for this certification in their recruiting process, opening more doors for interns to get professional experience.

If Figma wants to continue being a force not to be reckoned with, building a certification program for high school and college students might be an easier way into young designers’ lives earlier, leading them to heavily prefer it over competitors such as XD.

Would anyone else benefit from a certification program if Figma puts one out? Maybe it could be beneficial for industry professionals wanting to get better at things like building design systems too.