Figma: Bug > Nested components de-sync if sub-components properties changes

So I was playing around with component properties in Figma, and started refactoring some of of my components, until I noticed this bug where a nested component within a component would loose it’s properties once a change is made to it.

Below is a video showing the exact steps on how to reproduce.

Reproduction video

There is also this figma file where you can see the bug in action + some screenshots to get you going.

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I also found this to be true.
I had an icon which, on a variant has a drop shadow, however on the first one, there is no drop shadow. When I switch the component using a boolean switch, it will work fine and make the shadow appear and disappear like normal.

If I switch the icon that the shadow is on though to a different one, and then toggle the switch, it will get stuck and not enable/disable the shadow like it does on the un-changed one.

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