Figma Bug: Cannot add a Layout Grid to a Frame that has Auto Layout applied


  • If you have a Frame with a Layout Grid applied, the Layout Grid remains even if you change the Frame to have Auto Layout. This is what I expect to happen.
  • But when you remove the Layout Grid from this Auto Layout Frame, you cannot add it back. The Layout Grid section disappears from the Inspector.
  • The only way to bring it back is disabling Auto Layout, adding your Layout Grid and then enabling Auto Layout again.

Here’s a demo.

Hey there @Richard_Sison, thanks for sharing this feedback. This is currently expected behavior as AL frames don’t support Layout Grids.

There’s an existing feature request here that you can vote on and add additional context/feedback.

Thanks! :smiley:

There are some tricks to do it. In this video you can see it (it is in Spanish but you can activate the subtitles) :wink: