Figma blocks files in the community that are competitors to their friends?

Let me describe my situation to you.

I uploaded a file to the Figma community, which was later blocked by Figma’s employees and was no longer accessible in the community. I contacted their support, and they told me that I violated the terms of service because the file contained a link to another sales platform. Fair enough, I admitted that I was not aware of the new terms.

The next day, I uploaded the same file again, but this time without any links to the sales platform. Yet again, my file was removed. When I inquired with the support team, they informed me that it was removed because it contained a link to another Figma file (preview type) that had a link to another sales platform…

This seemed strange and suspicious to me. I asked in support, “Why?” There are many popular files in the community that have DIRECT links to platforms where they are being sold, as well as links to the creators’ websites where these links are embedded. I provided the support representative with a list of examples from the community where files had links to owners’ websites, and there were embedded links to purchase files from other platforms. And I didn’t give direct links.

I didn’t receive a response. I asked the question again. No response. I decided to write another email to support, hoping it might reach a different employee. I explained the situation again. Still no response. And the status of my ticket was changed to “Solved.”

I asked, “Why?” again. After one day, the ticket status was once more changed to “Solved.”

A few days later, I uploaded my file to the community again. This time, the only link inside was a link to Twitter.

The file quickly gained popularity, ranking higher in the trends each day, and after a week, it had over 200 downloads. Based on its growth rate, I estimated that it would be in the ‘top 10’ trends today. But what did I see? The file was completely removed from the trends. It is still in the community, but nowhere to be found in the trends, neither at the top nor the bottom.

This cannot be due to the file being old, as it was relatively new, while most files in the trends are much older.

To me, the situation is obvious. My file is a competitor to the files of Figma’s employees’ friends, and it could impact their sales, so it is consistently being blocked…

Interestingly, I had a similar situation before, where my file was suddenly removed from the trends. It was the first version of this file, which I uploaded about six months ago, and it too was suddenly removed from the trends. Back then, I shrugged it off (and eventually deleted the file altogether).

There’s another matter. I have tried several times to join the sales platform within Figma’s community, but I haven’t been granted access. Support told me:

  • they decide who gets access
  • my files are not popular enough
    This sounds intriguing considering that they are being blocked from the trends…

Have any of you experienced similar situations?"

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