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Figma Beta Desktop App not loading unless you click Home icon

Been noticing lately that when I open Figma Beta, I’m greeted with a white screen up until I click the Home icon at the top left, which then loads everything into view.

Before I’d just wait it out, since it could be that the program is just loading, but there were times when I left it to load in the background while I used other desktop programs, and when I got back to it, it still was just all white.

For context, I guess? I have two accounts linked on my Figma Beta Desktop App.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks!

Hey! Just to confirm, are you on Windows?

If so, the latest build should fix it:

Yes, I am on Windows! Looks like they fixed it. :blush:

I have the same problem now. Also a Windows app. Does not load the home page with projects. I can only create a new project. Attempts to reinstall the Figma Beta Desktop App do not help. The app does not load.