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Figma Audio Chat with Captions on day-1

There are many Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals that rely on captions to collaborate with hearing team members. The biggest barrier we are finding while collaborating in a Figma file is not having a way to read the captions from the video conferencing tool we use. We have to resize windows so we can have it all visible at the same time.

I know the audio-chat is in Beta and wanted to ask you not to launch that feature without captions.

It would be a sad example of exclusion to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.


Agreed. As a Deaf Accessibility and Inclusion specialist who uses Figma for UX projects, it is frustrating to experience products that doesn’t embrace universal design principles to allow people to communicate on an equitable basis.


100% agree. As a UX practitioner, disabled user, and hard of hearing this would be a terrible decision to exclude functionality that could be inclusive for many. Everyone wins with accessibilty.