Figma App Preview - Option to let it mirror sub-frames, not just the top level frame

I work a lot with the mobile preview app (it’s wonderful!) however I keep hitting a problem that I don’t have an easy workaround for.

Whenever you click on a screen in Figma, if I am mirroring in the app, it will show up. That works perfectly (usually…) however as part of how I organize certain files when working on features, I generally create a lot of of the main screens side-by-side, and then place them all onto one larger frame so that I can better organize them by dragging them around and such, as well as to contain things like callouts and assets.

When I do that, the screen mirroring no longer works, as it tries to mirror the main huge collection frame, rather than the screen I have selected.

A couple of possible solutions that I can think of would be:

  • Having a collection group similar to FigJam, where instead of a frame that I drag around things, I can create a collection of screens, components, and instructions that isnt a frame or group.
  • Have an option in the sidebar on certain frames that I can select to make the Sub-Frames mirrorable. To expand on this, it could be nice to just have that a selectable thing so that I only ever see the main screen, even if I am working on something within it. Could auto-enable if you set a frame size to be a phone or something.
  • Make all frames mirrorable (though that can cause problems when I am trying to edit a sub, sub sub sub frame and the phone is showing me that one line of text…)
  • Mysterious option 5 that is more amazing than any of these!