Figma App Preview - Option to let it mirror sub-frames, not just the top level frame

I work a lot with the mobile preview app (it’s wonderful!) however I keep hitting a problem that I don’t have an easy workaround for.

Whenever you click on a screen in Figma, if I am mirroring in the app, it will show up. That works perfectly (usually…) however as part of how I organize certain files when working on features, I generally create a lot of of the main screens side-by-side, and then place them all onto one larger frame so that I can better organize them by dragging them around and such, as well as to contain things like callouts and assets.

When I do that, the screen mirroring no longer works, as it tries to mirror the main huge collection frame, rather than the screen I have selected.

A couple of possible solutions that I can think of would be:

  • Having a collection group similar to FigJam, where instead of a frame that I drag around things, I can create a collection of screens, components, and instructions that isnt a frame or group.
  • Have an option in the sidebar on certain frames that I can select to make the Sub-Frames mirrorable. To expand on this, it could be nice to just have that a selectable thing so that I only ever see the main screen, even if I am working on something within it. Could auto-enable if you set a frame size to be a phone or something.
  • Make all frames mirrorable (though that can cause problems when I am trying to edit a sub, sub sub sub frame and the phone is showing me that one line of text…)
  • Mysterious option 5 that is more amazing than any of these!



I agree, the option to mirror subframes would be great. When I deliver final files, I organize my comps in a larger frame to better categorize things. If I want to go back and view them in Mirror, I have to drag them out of the main frame which interrupts my workflow.


I need the same… ! I huge figma files, is better for team to see all user stories diveded by Frames. It helps to organice it visually in the artboard, and in layers panel too.
The thing is that in that case, we can see all Screens framed inside the “Group of frames”.

Would be lovely to keep using Figma mirror if the frame is inside another one.

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