Figma app crashes on Mac. Please help!

The desktop app crashes any time I open a file, this happens only in my work account.
No issues with opening files in other accounts or in a browser

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Hello @Tetiana18

It looks like you’re experiencing something similar to them, unfortunately right now no solution have been found


Same issue here. app “opens” attempts to load dashboard view but crashes. I’ve also removed, re installed app multiple times. No luck.

I updated the system to Monterrey (MAC) and Figma closes by itself. I need you to fix the problem! Please :frowning:

Same issue here :frowning:

Same issue, Figma crashes on open every time.

The same =(

I thought I was the only one with this issue. My school account keeps crashing and I’m able to log in with my personal account on the same system without any issues.

Figma app crash after last update (macOS Monterey)

Looks like it’s fixed, everything works fine for me!

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I have the same trouble (
How can this be fixed?

Install the latest update

Same issue here, can open the app but can’t open the file, it’s crashed immediately.

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I have the latest update app and MacOS yet

Hi! Im having this trouble currently with the new update. Have tried the beta version and im on BigSur.

Figma closes by itself. I need you to fix the problem! Please :frowning:

I have the same problem after updating to Monterrey.
Have un- and reinstalled, rebooted etc.