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Figma API - Output Version History

Is it possible to automatically post version history of a Figma file, particularly the notes a designer writes into the version history when a version is saved, into Microsoft Teams? Can an email be sent to developers when a new version of a Figma file is created with information about what has changed?

Problem here is that our developers want more transparency when updates have been made to a design file.

I’ve looked into the Integromat plugin, which seems promising. Thanks for any ideas!

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This is possible with REST API Webhooks and not possible with plugins, so I moved your question to a different category (feel free to move it back if you still want it to be about plugins API). Specifically you can use webhooks FILE_VERSION_UPDATE and/or FILE_UPDATE endpoints. When webhooks make a request to your server, you can then get the new file version and its contents via the version history endpoints if you need to. Or simply send an update via email or via an API like Microsoft Teams (if they have one, I haven’t used this product). Hope this helps!

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