Figlot : easily translate your designs with DeepL

Hello designers :blush:
I recently developed and published a new plugin called Figlot
which helps users translate their designs with DeepL easily and most importantly without loosing any formats or styles and keeping context.
It also has an add glossary feature ( you can upload a new glossary to DeepL from the plugin UI ) , the glossary can be selected later to preserve protected words from being translated ( brands , company names etc …)
Here is a small overview : Figlot on Youtube

I tested the plugin with a few designs , but I’m sure there can be some cases I didn’t manage to test , also I think there could be some new features I can add in the future.
So please feel free to give it a try ( it comes with a 10 translations trial, better be used for document translation :slight_smile: ) , and let me know of any potential bugs / what can be improved.

Thanks :pray: