FigJam template analytics

I propose an idea to enhance the functionality of FigJam by introducing analytics for FigJam templates. This feature would allow to track the use and engagement of the templates created, enabling to iterate and improve designed templates effectively.

By incorporating analytics into FigJam templates, designers and DesignOps teams can gather valuable insights into how their templates are being used. Having access to metrics such as template usage, frequency of engagement, and user feedback. This information would enable to make data-driven decisions and continuously iterate on templates, ensuring that they are meeting the needs of their users.


  1. Data-driven iteration: Improve popular templates and focus efforts where they matter most
  2. User engagement insights: Optimise templates for better user experiences
  3. Template performance evaluation: Refine designs based on user feedback and engagement
  4. Decision-making support: Make informed resource allocation and prioritise template updates

THIS! I would settle even for just the number of views over the last month, few months, or existence of the FigJam file. I’m guessing that Figma already captures this internally (for their own performance analytics), so it’s primarily making these available through a UI for each file.

I’d pay for Figma solely so I could get this info.

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