Figjam rtfm is broken/outdated?!

So I’m trying to insert components from Figma to Figjam for my team. It seems that the bottom bar has changed over the month? Can’t find the library/componetn button/icon down there.

It seems that I now insert them via the widget/sticker button/tab?! Feels a bit strange and not that intuitive anymore imo.

Also the rtfm is outdated? Like still an find the component/library Icon there?!
Here would be a screenshot. But I can only upload one screenshot cause I’m new. So you have to look it up yourself… sry :confused:

The Hot-Keys to open the library don’t work either? And what key is that “square”? Can’t find it?
Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 10.02.15

Working on a Mac with the app installed.

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