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Figjam new feature suggestion: direct access to Artboads creation

If you want to create an artboard right now you have to create a shape, select a rectangle… It would be easier to have a separated feature that would allow to create artboads more directly to separate ideas and structure the file.

What do you mean? You can create frames without anything, just select the frame tool, optionally pick the size and click/drag anywhere.

Hi Gleb! Thanks for replying, which one is the frame tool? All I can see as icon for direct tools are: Text, Conector, Component Library, Stamps, and Place image in FigJam

Oh, you are talking about FigJam! In this case yes, there is no frame tool. There is an existing suggestion for this already in the correct category, vote for it and feel free to join the discussion there, I’m gonna close this one as a duplicate.