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FigJam Must Haves!

Hi Figma team! Super awesome product you have started but falls a little short on specific user use cases. Wondering if you would consider the following…

  1. I should be able to create a straight line using just the fluid pen/ marker tools using maybe SHIFT so that I don’t have to switch back and forth from line to pen/marker and I could flush out ideas faster

  2. The color palette you have going on for shapes should be the SAME as the color palette for the pen/ marker tools. Super annoying they are off a bit. Also, why no plain white?? White will come very useful for overlays.

  3. The text! OMG how come I can’t just re-size the text very fluidly. Now I have to scale my sketches accordingly just to fit the text. Can work faster if everything was just as fluid and flexible as an object.

Hope that helps some!


Hey Joshua, thanks for sharing these!