FigJam: Make Section titles appear in exports

Currently, when exporting a FigJam (either by selecting sections, objects and copying to PNG; or using Export As…), section titles do not appear in the exported image.

It kind of defeats the purpose of exporting to show people how your document is organized with how these sections are named.

I can see use cases where someone wouldn’t want names shown, so providing an option in the Export dialogue, or as a checkable preference in your context menus (globally) would be useful!



Here is an example of the current behavior:

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Hi @Living.Security.Andy! This is really great feedback. As an interim workaround, this is something I’ve been doing:

I’ll create the section, and delete the section name. I then make a separate object with that header text I want. I’ve been liking this method because it prevents the native section name from covering some of the content in my section in some zoomed views. And I also like decorating it a little. :grin: I know it may not be ideal for you now, but hopefully this helps!

I have exactly the same problem, is there any other solutions?

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