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FigJam for teachers/students

Hello! I am quite impressed with the FigJam interface and its functions and would very much like to use the program in classroom (as a teacher). Unfortunately, it is difficult to work with registrations / accounts in a school context. Is it conceivable or is it being planned that students will no longer be required to register for teacher accounts? For example, students should be able to edit a collaborative workspace shared by the teacher without having to log into the program.
Best wishes

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Hi Lukas, thanks for the feedback.
How do you envision this working without students creating accounts?

We are looking to make it easier for educators to have students join their teams.

Ideally you are creating an education team, and can invite students to that team, the students do require their own personal account to join the team, and education verification at Figma.

Students have their own account, draft space, and when they join your education team, you are the team owner. You can create projects in the team space that are invite only and move files in and out of the team.

We have also made it easier for educators to join their teams with invite links, this way you can share a link with students to join a team without having to retrieve the invite via email.

Would love to hear more about how you would like to see this. Feel free to follow up at, I am the Education designer advocate at Figma.


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