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FigJam connectors in Figma as well?

We annotate a lot of things (flows, screens, etc) and “point” to stuff in a design with a label to describe what things do. We have been looking for a tool like Miro/FigJam where you can just connect things and it draws a line (and keeps it connected on a move) between them (bonus for arrows and such).

Since FigJam does this briljantly, can’t we just have these kind of nice things in Figma as well?

You can copy and paste a connector from figjam into a design file and it works exactly as expected. Hopefully they will add the ability to insert it directly soon…

Mind blown! Tested it and although it only works between Frames on a global level (e.g. not on a Button component inside another Frame, at least not on my end), it’s still a huge step. Thanks for the heads up.

Hope they will port it fully soon as well.

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