FigJam: Connectors break copied Frames Bug - WORKAROUND

Basically I’m trying to use FigJam to do pseudo wireframing, show user flows like - If the user clicks x button it goes to y screen.

Yesterday, if I wanted to draw a connector between a button within a frame to another frame I would have to ctrl+click to get the connector to not auto-snap to the edge of the frame.

Today, it’s stopped working! Ctrl + click separates the layers within the frame, pushing them apart, then snaps the connector to the edge of the frame.

I’ve found one WORK AROUND: Locking the frame, then ctrl+click creating the connectors.

The fact that this worked yesterday but not today, makes it seem like a bug.

Now this next part is for the Figma devs - FigJam is so buggy it’s barely usable!
I have had so many troubles with FigJam over the last 24 hours I will be advising our team to never use it for another project again.

  • The fact that you can’t create connectors within a frame easily or consistently
  • The fact that replacing a frame does not work if the frame is nested within a section
  • The fact that I have to copy and replace frames
  • Plus many many more bugs

I have had to navigate so many workarounds to make this program usable it takes me an immense amount of time to get my work done.

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Thanks for flagging!

We’ve passed this onto our FigJam team to investigate.

Hey there, thanks for your patience!

Our team has been trying to reproduce this behavior, but we haven’t been successful. What OS are you using?