Figjam: code snippets

There is a limited set of languages to choose from when creating a code snippet. But why enforce choosing a language at all?

In this case, the language I’m using is Julia, which is not in the set of available languages.
But now I have to set it to typescript or whatever. It’s a minor detail but it was just another example of not optimal

Sure, go ahead and add more languages. But why not just let it by default be unselected? I am used to markdown and I’d just prefer that kind of behavior.


(not Typescript!)

Also, I just noticed that you can’t resize the code snippet. I.e. even if it’s just a single row it takes up a lot of space.

This is another example where Figjam tends to limit and leave to little control to me as a user. Why the heck would I not be able to resize this as I see fit?

(minimum height!)
(and cannot increase it either!)

I think I’d just prefer to have support for markdown style code snippets in general wherever there is text input, instead of having a separate construct


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