Figjam added and billed to account without my requesting it

I purchased an annual subscription for a single Figma-only editor seat in late Aug 2023 without FigJam. But I started getting billed for FigJam in Dec, which I have never used nor have I ever requested it/ added it to my account. I still have my original email receipt from Aug. showing that I purchased one Figma editor seat and zero FigJam seats (it’s itemized that way on the receipt), yet Figma support keeps insisting I need to pay for FigJam now and will be billing me monthly. This is like extortion.

Has anyone else experienced this?


I literally have seen the same problem right now, same exact thing and came on that forum to see if there was an answer 1h ago… can this be solved @Figma ???

Hey All, sorry for the trouble!

Since the forums are primarily run by the community, we’re not equipped to help with billing issues. Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: