Fields for sizing and location have become inactive and I don't know why

I don’t know what the cause of this is but some of the object properties in a draft I’m working on have become inactive. Maybe some key on the keyboard got pressed accidentally and cause a change to some setting? Or maybe it came from a plugin I installed that I can not seem to remove now? I actually noticed the problem after using the plugin the first time but I also think I accidentally pressed some keys on the keyboard around that time as well.

I have a component and some instances of it on the page which consists of a frame with a stroke outline and a few text fields inside and each text field is framed as well. I was previously able to select the frame (and text) in the component or instances of the component and move it around to align it properly but suddenly that is not possible and the fields for (x,y) location and size in object properties have become grayed out and inactive.

Does anyone know what might have cause this to happen and how to fix it?

Hello @Jake, Thank you for reaching out about the property display. I understand how frustrating this can be!

If Auto layout has been applied to the parent frame and the nested text frame, the Position (X,Y) and Dimension (W,H) properties for the text frame will be grayed out, as shown in the image below. Are you experiencing a similar situation?

In this case, if you remove Auto layout from the text frame, you will be able to update the Position, and by removing Auto layout from the parent frame, you can update the Dimension for the text frame.

For more details on positions and dimensions related to Auto Layout, please refer to here: Explore auto layout properties

Also, you can check this post for uninstalling plugin here: Unable to find the Uninstall option for Figma plugins

I hope this clarifies things for you. If any members of our community have any insights or workarounds to share, please feel free to join here!


Hello @Jake, i have the same problems sometimes. The fields aren´t grayed out. I haven´t pressed any keyboard key or anything. If i reload the website everything is working again.