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Feedback Layer in Figma Files

I’d love to use FigJam directly within a Figma file on the “commenting” layer, or a new “feedback” layer perhaps, where we can mark up designs right in the file. I can do this now by drawing lines with the pencil tool and comments, but those annotations show up in prototype mode. So the idea here would be to have a way to markup a file by comment, drawing, and all of the other nice FigJam features, but without those annotations showing up in the prototype. Likewise, the annotations, comments, etc. could be turned off in the design file by disabling the “commenting” mode (or a new “feedback” mode).

This sort of this presently possible by copy and pasting in design frames into FigJam, but having to copy and paste them separates the marked up feedback/comments from the actual design—and future changes are totally abstracted from feedback.

This seems like a no-brainer value-add feature for Figma and it would dramatically improve our review rounds on our team by unifying feedback and giving us a way to visually draw things out.