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Feedback after working 32 hrs across 3 days on FigJam and exported a presentation

It’s such a good beta version and lots of templates, stickers, and good stuff.

After a few hours, I ran into a handful of limitations. I used some of the planning and ideation templates, and then flows to create a project presentation in PDF. I didn’t use it for collaboration so can’t speak for that.

Major issues:

Exporting - Printing - Readability

After investing so many hours designing and adjusting these templates, filling them up with work, it was too late to step back when exporting 10 pages and 3 days worth of work done on FigJam to PDF.

I exported by selection (10 selections) as it was not possible to export them all in PDF (too long). The widths were wacky. I spent two hours then just trying to fix and unify the widths, I figured I could place two vertical lines of both sides of the content (it was aligned vertically, then mark dots on the four corners of each screen. I deleted the lines, then made a selection again. By including the aligned dots, I kind of unified the width of each selection in the exported PDFs. When I merged them, the widths were similar. HOWEVER, had I known that the dimensions would be so big and I would have to zoom in infinitely to read the “Normal” font, I would have done things differently. But it was too late.

This brings us to… Way to tell dimensions … Layout preview… Smart guides … straight-line alignment aid.

Another issue I faced:

  • No control over colours, I ran out of colours quickly
  • No control over font size, the Normal is way too small
  • No way to know or set dimensions within the whiteboard
  • Spelling checker would be great. (There’s a plugin, but it’s wonky)
  • Name on sticky notes can only be turned on / off individually, should be able to do it for all the stickies on a whiteboard in one go too
  • Creating flows was super easy
  • Not sure how to create tables/boards, etc that are like the templates?
  • I needed highlighter circle thingies with opacity to highlight feedback on screens / annotate
  • The Normal text style is so small in size, yet if I try to use the ellipse shape to highlight an area on a wire screen for annotation or feedback, then next to the text, the smallest size I can adjust it to is way bigger than the text. Either fix this, or add a highlighter object.

There were other things but I can’t remember for now. There are limitations. But it’s awesome!

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