Feature request: undock/detach and move the side panels

the problem
i need as much real state as possible to view the designs and screens am working in a readable viewable way, if the makes sense.

to come around this, i currently scroll around and zoom in and out, or hide and show the panels, most probably its a mix of both. either way it’s a annoying… or i need to buy another real big monitor, but i already have a 15" macbook pro, which is great and enough when i hide the panels.

this might be a big problem for laptop users without a secondary big screen, or who are portable and don’t have a dedicated work space. this is specially evident when they need to widen the left panel in order to view and read the layers tree. (which is another issue maybe raised in another topic)

make side panels modular (photoshop/illustrator kind of thing).

assets, layers on the left panels can be separable and can be undocked and moved elsewhere separately. design, prototype, inspection on the right panel are also separable and can be undocked and moved elsewhere separately… this way, i can open all of them and have them in a separate secondary screen and give enough room my design.


I’d like this for ease of applying different colour styles or text styles to a big bunch of different layers.

I’ve always wanted this, even in Sketch. I personally hate having the layers and inspect panels on opposite sides of the screen.

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