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Feature request: Timer

We often have ramblers in our workshops and retros and to have a timer / clock widget I could stick in the corner of the figjam would be super useful! :timer_clock:

I’d specifically like to use it in these use cases:

  • During a retro, I want to set a 3 min timer so we only talk about a note for a certain period of time. I’d like to be able to +1min easily when the time runs out.
  • During workshops I would like to set a timer for activities etc.

I think the following would be important:

  • Make sure everyone sees the timer/clock at all times
  • It should be obvious to everyone when it runs out of time, but it shouldn’t be a really disturbing “alarm” sound as it will often be interrupting conversation, and if it’s an unpleasant noise it’s tempting to quit using the timer at all.
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