Feature Request: Tab key selects next sibling when multiple frames are selected

Currently, the tab key selects the next sibling object relative to a common parent frame or group. However, this only works when a single object is selected. The tab key does nothing if multiple objects are selected, but it would be very powerful if this pattern was extended to multiple selections.

For example, if I select several frames that each have 3 child layers, I am now able to press return to change the selection to the first child layer within each selected frame, but I would like to then press tab to change the selection to the next sibling within each respective parent frame. This would dramatically increase the efficiency of editing repeated elements with several instances at once.

I get the idea. If you have a component and want to select all input fields of the variants for example, you can use the select all matching layers function.


It’s not as flexible though, and some improvements to navigating the layer tree with the keyboard would definitely help.

More details and some nice screenshots describing the desired behavior in an older feature request.


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