Feature request - Swim lanes

So, we have Frames, Groups, and Sections, but I am still missing something. The next level of structuring: swim lanes to get a better overview of users in a flowchart.

I’ve recorded what I mean from another software, and it’s pretty spot on! The neat feature is that the label of the swim lane remains fixed to the left when zooming and moving up and down the lanes. This makes it very easy to see where I am in the user flow as a specific user.

Problem Definition:

  • It is difficult to see which user in a flowchart I’m looking at.
  • There is a need to have a prefix on every Section or Frame that clarifies which user the actual screen correlates to, i.e., Resident login screen, Supplier login screen.


  • Possibility to create a Swimlane, just like a Section but where the name gets fixed to the left when panning/zooming the canvas.

And maybe later on, the possibility to collapse and expand swim lanes?

And maybe later on, possibility to collapse and expand swim lanes?

Hi CharlBrazl, thank you for your detail feedback! We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.
In the meantime, do not forget to vote up for your idea (next to the title’s topic). Also, you can create user flows using connectors and arrows or use plugins like Flowkit. Hope this helps!

Thanks! I’m aware of Flowkit. Think it’s too wobbly compared to FigJam though.