Feature Request: Integrated Screen Recording and Commenting in Figma

Dear Figma Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share a feature idea that I believe would greatly enhance the user experience within Figma. As an avid user, I often find myself utilizing external tools like Loom for screen recordings while working in Figma. While Loom’s comment feature is helpful, I often find it more convenient to have comments directly within the Figma platform itself.

My feature request is to introduce an integrated screen recording and commenting feature within Figma. Instead of a traditional video recording, this feature would capture a recording of my cursor movements within Figma, allowing other users to follow along as I navigate through the design file. This interactive recording would facilitate better collaboration and understanding within the design process.

Furthermore, this feature would enable users to leave comments directly on specific screens or elements within Figma. By allowing contextual comments within the design file itself, feedback and discussions would be more streamlined, enhancing collaboration and reducing the need for external platforms.

By implementing this integrated screen recording and commenting feature, Figma would empower its users with a more cohesive and efficient workflow. It would bring together the power of visual demonstrations, real-time navigation, and contextual commenting within the familiar Figma interface, providing a seamless and comprehensive collaboration experience.

I believe this feature would greatly benefit Figma users and contribute to making Figma an even more indispensable tool for design teams worldwide. Thank you for considering my suggestion, and I look forward to seeing further advancements in the platform.