Feature request: Inspect tool

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
    I frequently would like to:
  2. Look at an object’s properties without the danger of accidentally moving it
  3. Look at a locked object’s properties without unlocking it

An “inspect” tool as a sub-tool of the arrow tool that simply allows selecting an object and seeing it’s properties without moving/changing dimensions, etc. would be awesome. Doubly awesome would be if it allowed selecting locked objects (still without allowing movement/property changes). Allow selecting nested elements, etc.

Hi there. Do you mean something different than the Inspect panel in Figma?
CleanShot 2022-02-25 at 10.05.49@2x

You can still select nested layers and locked layers from the layers panel and then see all of the properties from the insect panel.

While as an editor you’ll technically be able to move your objects still, you could open this up in another window as a viewer and you’ll only see the inspect panel.

Yah, something different. The main issue I have is that when using the normal select (pointer) tool, I’m always wary of accidentally shifting something.
Context: I’m mostly a developer vs. a designer at work. My primary working style doesn’t extend to using the layers panel b/c I usually want to click to examine a specific object to get info rather than finding it’s location in the layers panel, especially if it’s a really nested object. Also, there isn’t a way as far as I know to select a nested object within a locked object on the main artboard?
It’d be nice to have a way to click on any object, locked or not (and use ⌘+click for nested) and “select” it without any chance of modifying it so that I can look at the properties in the Design and Inspect panels

As to opening up another window, that’s a bit cumbersome, especially as I usually use the desktop app (unless there’s an easy way to choose viewer mode?) and it still doesn’t resolve the locked object issue

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