Feature Request: Hide Artboards from Reader View and/or Ability to link to prototype

Hi! I come from XD and there are a couple features I am missing.

It would be great if artboards/artifacts in a Figma file can be hidden from reader view. For instance, I have a design with 2 options. The team chose an option. I like the keep the option around in case we get feedback later to reconsider the other option. But the team just wants the version with the final design to include in User Stories.

It is also helpful to have several prototype flows in the same file, but User Stories are usually broken down by a particular flow. It would be great to be able to link to a single flow for reader view.

Designers, how do you get around this issue? What if your design is being developed but you are still working on related features. Do you start a new file for each feature?

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