Feature Request: expand memory

I believe I’m not the only one facing this, but I work with some extremely heavy duty and crowded projects.

One of the things it’s often happening is that I run out of memory. I understand all Figma’s benefits of being online and all, but for complex projects, this is being a pain for my team to work with, having to separate a project into multiple ones.

Is it possible on a future release either 1) Increase memory usage, or 2) release an offline-ish version (SketchApp-like) with unlimited memory?

Undoubtedly, today Figma is my favorite (and IMO) most powerful tool for prototyping, but this is an issue for my entire team.

For context and before anyone asks: all pages are using a design system from another file to save memory (and ofc, because it’s how you use it), but due to incredible amount of screens per project, we’re constantly running out of memory and having to split projects in up to 4 different files (not ideal).



I also wish there was an answer to this. Similar issues were brought up last year and to date, no clear ways to resolve this have been proposed. And there’s really no way to tell at what point your file gets too big. I have been working a week on a feature branch and am now stuck unable to merge it back into main due to memory issues…

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