Feature request: Create administrable redirects to figma files

Feature request: Create administrable redirects to figma files

Use case:
We often send a link to a file to stakeholders within our org to preview work. Often that file gets duplicated and the source of truth becomes a new file/URL - multiple times, and we end up sharing multiple versions of links, creating headache.

It would be helpful to be able to generate a “redirect” and map it to a figma file - for example, in a “Redirects” tab somewhere in preferences. Figma would generate a unique URL that can be sent to stakeholders.

Eventually, if/when the intended destination/file needs to become a different file, we’d navigate to the “Redirects” tab in preferences, and point that “redirect” to the new file.

This way I don’t need to send an updated link.

This would have to be done centrally rather than creating an “alias url” for the file at the file level in its settings.

I realise that I could do this through an outside URL shortener, but this would centralise those redirects in Figma that can be managed by members of a team.



Thanks for the feedback, @pcmc!

We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration. Be sure to also Vote up top, so we can gauge overall interest from the community.

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