Feature request: allow the contents of an empty instance frame to be freely editable

Scenario: You have a popup instance defined by component, with its titlebar on top, buttons on bottom, border, shadow, all of that. And a blank “contents” area in the middle.

It’d be cool if you could flag an empty frame in a component as “user editable.” Then the user of this component instance could freely add whatever to this frame.

The workaround is to have a placeholder component instance called “popup content” within the popup component, so the users of your pop-up component can swap out this placeholder instance with their own local instance. This is a terrible solution

Duplicate of: Fully Editable Component Instances

Thanks Gleb. This isn’t quite what I was asking for, but I’ll add my comments to the other thread.

It sounds like you are asking for “Slots”, which is exactly what that proposal is about. Maybe your implementation suggestion is not necessarily the same but the goal/purpose is.

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