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Feature request: a "Download" link for exporting a frame

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

Collaborators who may not have view access / know how to use Figma usually need assets in certain export formats such as PDF, PNG, SVG etc. in order to do their work out of Figma. Usually, this means that the Figma user have to open the app, export the frames, and send the file as zip/attachment/storage link to the collaborators. If there’s any fixes need to be done, Figma user have to repeat the process all over again (and may run into the infamous “…_final_final_final.png” type renaming.

Instead, If the Figma user could get a download/export link to a specific frame set to desired format and resolution, he/she can just send this link to the collaborators instead. Collaborators can download the file whenever they want, and if there’s any change to the frame then the collaborators can just re-download using that same link. Problem solved!

Another sample use case would be that people who have resume on Figma can just place the link on their portfolio/website to a resume frame set to PDF export.

This is a great idea! Would something like this interest you as a paid service? Maybe I can cook something like this into my Figma link shortener.

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