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Feature Idea: Figjam inside of Figma project files

As a designer, I’d like to create a FigJam as a page inside my Figma project so that I don’t have to jump between two files all the time.


In deed. I’d support this as well.

BTW It might be the case that the products stay separated because in the future you would need to pay two licenses.

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Came here to say just that!!

In a given project a Figjam file is very helpful to collate research wires and complex user journey (that’s how I image it at least).
Could either be a page or file inside the project✌️

It also helps to consolidate everything in Figma since it kind-of replace Miro!

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You could contain all the research, user flows, documentation, etc. AND the design all in one file as separate pages. This would allow for a neatly packaged deliverable and would also show the evolution of whatever you’re working on from start to finish.


This is my #1 most wanted Figjam feature

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It would be very useful to create a FigJam as a page within a file, or somehow embedded.

Currently, I split a file into multiple pages depending on the design phase (Sandbox, last design, flows) and I want to create a FigJam but linked directly in my normal file so as not to lose context.

I know that maybe is not possible but I’m just sending the idea.