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Favicon on tabs to easily identify the tab type ( figma, figjam, prototype)

As an awesome designer I always have loads of tabs because I help everyone with my super powers. Sometimes it gets really hard to find the right place to go in my figma app.

If I could have a very subtle visual clue to help me jump accross my a tabs i would become an even more awesome designer.

Here are some jams


Ohh this is a neat idea and I really like your jams!

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Hi @Edward_Battistini ,

I like to work with icons as well and as I use Notion on a daily basis, it’s really becoming a habit of mine to scan my files by their icons.

It’s not automatic as you suggest, but I found a hack to have icons on my files: I’m adding unicode emojis in front of my file’s & page’s names.

You can just rename your file :
Capture d’écran 2021-04-28 à 15.27.12

Then you can see it in your tabs:

you can see the result on the right tab of a prototype launched from a page within a file, with the icon of the page in front of it

Hope it helps !


Will def do this! thank you