Eyes on the Screen

This is probably obvious to everyone else already, but…

The problem FigJam solves for a traditional classroom educator is the screen. Students are always interfacing with screens and this freaks out oldheads real bad b/c they’re certain this means they aren’t paying attention to the material (which, sometimes yes and sometimes no).

FigJam puts everyone on the same screen. I’m doing a blended approach this semester where we are meeting in-person but everyone also has the FigJam board open too. The cool thing is that we can sort of take notes as a class, and I can actually visually see when I’m losing the class attention (so then we draw pictures and build Kaijus, lol).

I also wanted to shout-out using templates designed for one thing, for another. For example, UX user persona templates are a great way to help students get to know each other and tell me the things they’re interested in etc.