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External prototype in Figma Mirror on smartphone

Problem, show the client an interactive prototype on the phone in full screen.

Solution, In Figma Mirror add the ability to insert a link to the prototype (or generate a unique ID).

The client could install the Figma Mirror app on their phone, insert a link or ID to the prototype , and view the prototype on their device.

If it can’t be created, then why?

Hey Alex,

This exact problem bothered me for a while now and that’s why I created the app myself.
Your client can just install the “Proto for Figma”-app and open your prototype-link in a fullscreen experience.

Feel free to check it out:
Any feedback welcome.


Coool! Thanks!
There is a bug. The keyboard overlaps the input field and the link cannot be inserted.

What device are you using? The input field should move upwards when entering a textfield.
I’ll try to fix it :+1:

You can also try the “Paste from Clipboard”-button if the link is in the clipboard.

iPhone XR.

I cannot use “Paste from Clipboard” because the field is not available)
If the device is turned horizontally, then access to the input field appears.