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External monitor Resolution default /scaled lag Problems

It took me a relatively long time to figure out what the problem was. However, I am still not sure why it is so and hope someone can help me. Figma is super laggy when I set the external monitor to SCALED resolution. With “Default for display” it runs super smooth. Unfortunately, Default is so high that I can’t work with it and everything is extremely small (not just Figma, the whole OS). I’m not sure if it’s because of the processing power (Macbook Pro late 2016) or if I can solve it differently with a scaled resolution. Thanks for your help!

I think you should also include what display you’re using.
My guess is that most of this is based on your system performance and has nothing to do with Figma.
MacOS, especially on laptops, doesn’t like the scaling thing, because it needs to re-render everything as a virtual canvas, so a lot of work for the video card.

Hi Remus thanks for your reply and confirming my suspicion that scaling requires a lot of power. I’m afraid that it’s really the model of my Macbook. External monitor is an ASUS (one of them PB287Q) 4k 28 inch.

I also noticed that the same thing happens with Spline (3d software) and I think both are Electron apps and I found something about it.