Exposed properties do not seem to change child's variants

I enabled new feature of exposed properties and tried to rework my design to use them.
Hovewer I encountered a problem with child variants.

I have main button with icon component with two child components(icon and background).

Component that holds icon has size variants and instance swap property for icon change.
Background component has only size variants.

I exposed both child’s properties to main button and they show up(icon AND size).

Hovewer while trying to change size property the button doesn’t change.
I haven’t seen anywhere description of what types of properties currenty work with this feature, but I figured that if they show up in main component they do.

Is this considered a bug or indendent behavior? Or did I misconfigured something?


In your example, resizing doesn’t work anyway, even if you didn’t use expose properties.

Found error, everything works. Thanks!

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