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Exporting seems to now have a glitch

The export feature in Figma doesn’t seem to be working correctly right now. It’s adding an extra pixel to the export size vs. what my Frame is set to; and if I try to export at 2X the size, it doesn’t size up the export. Just adds an extra pixel to the dimension. This wasn’t happening until just now (I export digital and web assets often).

To prevent this from happening, you need to set integer values ​​along the X, Y axes for your frames.

Hello Anne Marie am also struggling to export a desktop design i made do you
how can i make the export and get full code (html,css,javascripts ) i made

I’m having an issue with this as well - the downloaded svg has a different font than I set on Figma and a straight line in the graphic is showing up tilted - not sure what’s going on.

Does anybody have any tips? Is this a Figma issue or am I doing something wrong?