Exporting section name and extra padding unexpected

It looks like Figma recently updated so that PNG Export of a Section include the section name itself. It also adds a lot of transparent padding. Is there a way to just get the content inside the section without their of these? I think this is how it used to work until recently. For now I’m back to screen-shotting my Figma file :frowning:

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Hi @Dave_Knight2 you can make a selection using the Slice tool and then export that slice. You can read a little more here on exporting with the Slice tool

Thanks for that tip @Ryan_52. Feels like an extra step so this isn’t an ideal workaround for me. But I’ll try it out and perhaps it’ll be something I can just get used to doing.

I’m sure you are trying to solve for users who have different preferences. Exports for artboards and frames don’t behave the way they do for Sections so this just feels very unexpected to me.


I tried slices but they are not a good workaround for me. I just want to export the Section without its title and the extra padding like any other frame in Figma. Slices don’t work well because they don’t move around with the section and aren’t easy to select directly on the canvas.

One of my main workflow use cases is to create flows or designs within sections and then want to export those to be placed in a Slides deck. The padding isn’t really a problem the Section title is.


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