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Exporting GIFs in Figma

Hi there! I have some GIF files in my Figma frame for an email design. I made slices of everything, but I can’t find a plugin or a way to export the slices that have GIFs in them, as a GIF. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Oh! I forgot to mention I’ve tried using Rogie’s amazing GIF plugin, but it hasn’t seemed to work.

There’s this post here on how to download the orginial file from the Inspect panel: Exporting original GIFs

There’s also a related idea to export a prototype as a Gif here: Export prototype to video or gifs

If you want to export GIF with some other content added around, the only way is to use GIF plugin. But you can’t use slices, you need to put everything you want to export in a frame. Also note that it exports at 2x so make everything two times smaller than you want it to be before exporting.