Exporting as columns, not rows

Hello. I want to export my multi-frame file to PDF. No problem, except my file is built in columns. But Figma scans the document in rows (left to right then top to bottom).

Is there any way to get Figma to scan as columns (instead of rows) when exporting to PDF?

Unfortunately not. There may be a way to customize this via a plugin but as it stands Figma is set to export or play an unlinked prototype L → R, T → B.

How many frames are we talking? Is it possible to reorder them using smart selection?

There is a work around to this,

There is a plugin called Pitchdeck which makes a PPT version of your figma frames, it has a feature that allows you to sort the slides by Left to Right, Top to Bottom or Alphabetically. You can rename all your layers in the order of export and it will do the pdf creation for you.

It was free until last year, now it has a 20 file export limit so use wisely!

Edit: It creates, PPT, Google Slides and PDF versions of the file