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Export to exists iOS/Android project (or merge to exist directory)

We were using zeplin and now we are trying to move to figma
but we face to problem about export assets to iOS/Android project.

zeplin is support ‘set export path to iOS/Android project’ and then
selected assets will auto added to iOS/Android project for one click ‘Export’ button after that.

so we find to follow that process in figma, but it was impossible.

export in plugin level was based on Web, so asset must be compressd,

clone node and resize+rename for export but, figma export to exists directroy it will be replace directroy (existed orther name assets in directory was removed)

so we propose some functions for more quick and convenient export to iOS/Android project

  1. support export multiple asset having multiple export option.
    → select multiple asset has more 1 export option, export setting was reset. so we have to copy components and resizing, renaming (and why does not support set prefix in export setting? it makes we have to renaming every components for fit to android directory). asset’s has same export option’s, it should be maintained.

  2. support set export path on iOS/Android project OR support to exists directory for merge (not replace)
    → iOS/Android developer want to add asset to project for only one click

스크린샷 2021-06-01 오전 11.21.53