Export Smooth Neon

I have problems with exporting many layered neon effect.
So this is what it looks like…


Are there any ways to make it looks smoother?

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What settings are you using to export

I think best one for you is SVG or 4x Png

Do you have enough Ram and CPU resources that can render you export correctly?

you can share the file with us to try and export it as well to see if the result is differ

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It is 4x PNG on screenshot already

I have 8gb ram and Ryzen 5 3500x don’t really know is it enough to render :sweat_smile:

Will be grateful if you try to export correctly :slight_smile:


Same issue with your file, I’m not sure if Figma can handle such big file on a single frame, Please report to Figma support and ask for their help.

It might be a bug

Generally Figma main purpose is not for graphic design, I suggest to stick to Adobe illustrator for these kind of design.