Export/record prototype to Video or GIF

Eighth* of a screen, sorry. It’s still is a dealbreaker for me though

hey @Krovatko,
The watermarked exports still incur us processing costs so we hope if you need this plugin, you at least try to support it by paying for it.

We are a vert small dedicated team in Canada working on this problem full-time and the pricing allows us to to at least pay ourselves a minimum wage and feel motivated to continue to work hard on this problem.

If you believe the pricing is unjustified, try the few competition plugins out there… You will soon realize how hard the technical aspect of this project is to the extent that even bigger players aren’t solving it well.

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Fairly sure it’s in the pipes at Figma’s. Meanwhile I screen record and edit. While I do hope your team will get successful - minimum wage is never fun - we can’t rationally pay more for a plugin than you pay for the main app, especially when you can hack the feature as I do. A big one time payment is acceptable, but a high recurring subscription, no way. I don’t even use it every month…

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Hey Lovely designer, we at creativeflow.ai recently published another plugin to help you export your prototypes. This time it is an export to HTML/CSS animation. It is a free plugin and would love to hear your feedback once you tried it:

I really need the same function that I had with Adobe XD (record prototype), then a final video preview of my prototype. I have already tried all the solutions you mentioned above, but it’s not what I need. Any news about this? It’s really a pity that after so many years we are still there.

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hi @Francesca_Sanfilippo I built the Figma export to GIF/Mp4 plugin and happy to troubleshoot any issues you might have had if you are willing to DM me with more details: https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1170836206919391034/export-to-gif-video

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I won’t say your idea is a stupid one, i think it’s even a nice one! But it’s not an answer to the initial problem. For many needs you just need a video ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

It would be pretty convenient to be able to export device mockups directly from the prototype mode when viewing the designs. This would save alot of time because we wont have to download separate device mockup files and drag screen frames into it.


Adding my voice to this thread as it would be such a dream to be able to export the prototypes to gif or mp4… thank you.


Not yet! Thanks for the validation @Dylan18

I was happy to found out that there’s this Export to GIF/ Video Plugin - but come on, at 20 EUR a month??? No thank you, I’ll stick to my crappy screen share :smiley: Jesus nowadays you cannot own software at all, it’s all subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions.

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We built a really simply (free) plugin that allows you to either:

  • upload your existing screens and turn them into an interactive demo (with variables, link sharing, animations, multiple hotspots, voiceovers, GIF/video export options, etc)
  • or open your prototype on the browser and record each click

Free plan includes 5 free demos (you can delete old ones to cycle through your limits) - sharing here in case it’s helpful to anyone!