Export/record prototype to Video or GIF

Im looking for the same solution, i need to export an animation with tinteracton to an animated GIF, is it possible?


Yeah it definitely should work, let me know if you had any issues with it



If we are importing any GIF or Video that should be exported as same format also, and there should a option to export the prototype in video or gif format.

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We need ways to include our prototypes in our slide decks without having to go into the prototype itself and demonstrate it from within Figma. Principle, Protopie - they all allow exporting prototypes in various formats like Gifs and videos. Having a similar feature in Figma would be great.

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It’s been two years!

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Sorry for the frustration, @Nicole_Sylianteng!

The team is aware of this thread, but we can’t guarantee a specific timeline. We use votes to gauge interest from the community and prioritize. With four of our top voted feature requests with +800 Votes now launched, the team can focus on new projects - stay tuned!

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Hi @himanshuag , checkout this plugin below. I think it can help you achieve your goal:


There should be an option to record the prototype on Figma. It will enable the designers to effectively show stakeholders how a particular product will function and will be great for presentation Currently, videos are recorded using 3rd party software or chrome extensions. It will definitely attract a lot of users especially users who design in XD and are already used to the feature.

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Many times I have to share my prototype in small video formats, usually I record screen but this creates many extra-work because after I have to edit, some times I dont record the prototype in the same size. it would be great to be able to export my prototype as a video directly from Figma.

thanks :slight_smile:

This request was posted earlier on the forum. Please vote for this idea here: Export/record prototype to Video or GIFs.

Done :slight_smile: thanks!

Released 1st version of Blazy Studio. It is exporting prototype as video/gif in 4k/60fps or even higher resolution.

It is free and works in macOS and windows.

You may face issues running it on your machine, if so - please contact me https://twitter.com/orkhanjafarovr

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I made a web app that records Figma prototypes. It records using the browser at the same refresh rate as the prototype.

Check it out here: https://recordfigma.com/

It is completely free, let me know what you think.

I wish I can export my prototype include with all the animation that I’ve made from Figma to Video format.

I mean, without plugins… Just from Figma. Or maybe i also export it as JSON files etc.

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:pray:t3: +1 for this feature

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This has been a constant debate between my UI friends and me who use Figma. We’ve tried to walk our way round screen recording and gifs. If there’s a plug-in?

Yesterday, had a meeting with a team and was trying to send a file, a video file, didn’t want to record, just wanted to export the file as a video. I maxed out my sight ability looking for and watching almost all the tutorials on “How to export Figma design as video” on YouTube. Everyone had the same info and instruction, record or gifs. The only one that had a video option, according to the Youtuber, was paid.

Now don’t get me wrong, truly videos and GIFs serve different purposes and that is well understood by many, and moreover I feel the context in which they are used depends on your specific needs and goals.

Nevertheless, gifs do have their own benefits as they are quite easy to create, and are widely supported across different platforms. They can also be easily shared across these platforms. They also save time and are easy to download.

But there are some limitations to the use of gifs, I feel. There are a bunch of reasons why having a proper video export option, and not only recording is a necessity for most Figma users.

In the case of motion or duration, videos display longer sequences of motion & convey more complex ideas or stories because they really have no fixed duration limit. But when it comes to GIFs, on the other hand, they are limited in duration and may not be suitable for conveying extensive content.

Also when considering the playback quality of both, videos definitely offer higher quality and smoother playback compared to GIFs, which are mostly limited in terms of resolution and frame rate. I think it’s very crucial for showcasing products or detailed visual content, especially during visual presentations.

Regardless, the choice between video and GIF depends on one’s specific content and audience. Considering one’s goals, and the type of content to be presented, is very important.

It’s important to consider the platforms or devices your audience uses when deciding which format is better suited for their needs.

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Hi! This seems to be a post that’s more than 2 years old, but I have the exact same question and cannot find the perfect solution to my situation!

I’m a graphic designer and use Figma for digital advertisements, I just made an animation using prototypes and would love to be able to export them as .mp4 but this seems to be impossible :frowning:

Not a single plugin that is mentioned here does the job how you’d expect it, and it would just be amazing if Figma would have this as a built in feature instead of having to pay for a subscription that may or may not solve my problem

Every other plugin messes up animating components, scaling them weirdly and some don’t even show up in the export :confused:

After 2 years, you’d think there’d be an amazing way to export prototypes to video… is this on the roadmap for Figma? :eyes:

Anyway, thanks for reading!! and please don’t get me wrong… I freaking LOVE Figma! this is just my only “frustration”!

Kind regards,


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